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Slightly Stoopid


Live at TRI Studios: DVD + 2 CDs + MP3s + Digital Download


Live at TRI Studios: DVD + 2 CDs + MP3s + Digital Download. Includes immediate audio & HD digital download. PHYSICAL DVD/CDs WILL SHIP APRIL 1st, 2013.

This offer contains:

-Anywhere I Go
-Everything You Need
-Jimi Baby
-Underneath the Pressure
-Fat Spliffs
-Serious Man
-Ain't Got A Lot Of Money
-Closer to the Sun feat. Karl Denson
-Know You Rider feat. Bob Weir
-Devil's Door
-Open Road
-Wiseman feat. Don Carlos
-Baby I Like It feat. Bob Weir
-Just Thinking
-We Don't Wanna Go
-The Otherside
-Ska Diddy
-Cissy Strut
-World Goes Round
-Ocean feat. Bob Weir
-Train Saga
-I'm On Fire (Bruce Springsteen)
-False Rhythms
-Collie Man
-Hog & Goat feat. Don Carlos
-Lazer Beam feat. Don Carlos
-Holiday feat. Don Carlos
-Brethren Party Remix feat. Don Carlos
-SS_Live_at_TRI_Part 3 of 4
-SS_Live_at_TRI_Part 4 of 4
-SS_Live_at_TRI_Part 2 of 4
-SS_Live_at_TRI_Part 1 of 4
-Live at Roberto's TRI Studios 9.13.11 - DVD + CD

Audio Format Options:
-High Quality MP3 (320 kbs)

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